Frank & Bethany Haynes

January 10, 2015

Jackson, MS at "The South"

Photo: followell FOTOGRAPHY

When I said, “Yes!!” to the man of my dreams as he slipped a diamond ring onto my finger... I never thought I would be saying, “Yes!!” to my dear friend, Bekah, to create and design my very own custom made wedding dress! Bekah is an incredibly talented seamstress and I had a history of her measuring me and creating costumes for the ballet company I danced with a long time ago. I knew of her talent and thought, “why not?” I already had in mind what I wanted and she went above and beyond what I had imagined! She was so easy and fun to work with! One of the very first questions she asked me as we began to start the less than 4 month process of designing a wedding gown was, “What kind of reaction do you want your man to have as he sees you walking down the aisle towards him in this dress?” The question made me teary eyed! She pays attention to all of the little details like that and it made me feel so comfortable to work with her. We even got to shop together downtown Atlanta for the lace and fabric. I felt like I was on Project Runway! (Just better and less stressful!) She did a phenomenal job with me being long distance, too! I only had 3 fittings and the end result was perfect!!! I am so proud of all that she has accomplished and I am thrilled to be the first bride she has custom designed a wedding dress for! It was a process I will never forget and I STILL- to this day- receive so many comments about “the dress” and where did I get it! I am so glad we were able to share that experience together. She is such a lovely woman, full of confidence and ease. She played a huge role in the most important day of my life and I am so grateful for her sweet friendship!
— Bethany Hurstell Haynes