We all have them.

Couple goals. Health goals. Body goals. Wardrobe goals. Family goals. Career goals. Financial goals. Travel goals. Some of us may even be organized enough to have them written down with due dates written by each. "The grass is always greener", right? 

I have lots of goals. Actually, every single category above. I have this idealistic life perfectly planned out and so many aspirations I would love to achieve. That's the great part - Goals are AMAZING! It's always good to adopt a positive mindset and see the hope and beauty instead of the less appealing reality we are surrounded by.

But, the sad part - several of these goals I've had for years. A couple of them, at least a DECADE. A logical person would ask why I don't just work a little harder and chase these goals. I mean, logically, yes, I can set the alarm earlier, I can take Postmates and PrimeNow off my phone, I can swing by the grocery store for fresh produce & veggies, I can pick up a book instead of my phone. So, why don't I?

When it all boils down and I've listed the million and one excuses I have locked and loaded, the reason I don't just pick up and run is simply this...fear. Fear of making grand resolutions and getting started but failing before I reach the first milestone, fear of being mocked, fear of starting with a group and being abandoned along the way, fear of physically not being able to do it, fear of losing my introvert time, and, mostly (please hear me on this), fear of ACCOMPLISHING my goals. 

Really?...Fear of actually hitting those goals, having that body, being in love, making more than enough money, having energy in spades to help others? Why would I be afraid of that? Well, I've never been that version of myself. What if I don't like that version of me? What if I suddenly have the body I've always wanted and the energy to go with it - will a man finally see me as more than the coolest friend ever and ask me out? What if I actually utilized social media and brides started seeking me out? Would I need to get a studio or hire outside help or would shops want to include a line of my dresses - and, OMG, how would I even price myself at that point? There's no guarantee that by hitting this goals, my life would change or that I would like the change. 

See how the doubt spiral starts and my already comfy bed feels suddenly like a cloud that I never want to get off of? It's so easy to set goals and idealize in your mind, but it's probably more easy to shrug them off and return to the comforts you love. 

How do you break that terrifying cycle?  How do you set goals and actually achieve them?

I'm sure you've heard the answer. You have to change your MINDSET. Sounds simple enough, right? Personally, this idea of shifting the way you think (because thoughts do eventually promote action) has always been around. So, we have the "WHAT" - but HOW??????? The stubborn child that I was/am has finally realized (at 34 years mind you) that no one can MAKE you change your mindset. No amount of research on 'this study' or 'that study' & no amount of encouragement or pleading from others can do the trick. 

Changing your mindset is a CHOICE and, for me, it's a choice I am fighting to make. All those fears I mentioned earlier are incredibly real and I am constantly speaking to my mind & telling myself that accomplishing my goals will result in a BETTER version of me. That cutting out certain foods or comforts are worth it because I'm WORTH IT. 

I'm worth taking care of myself - physically, emotionally & spiritually. Maybe I haven't ever been that version of myself I've always pictured, but that version is Better. Growth is always good & sometimes growth means stripping some things off and away. I'm worth it.

WHEW!! Ok. I think we've got it. Goals = good. Growth = good. Fear = dumb & CAN be overcome. Mindset = choice. Future you = worth it.

All of this to say, I have set some very lofty goals for myself. And, I have a deadline. And, it's really soon. I get to go back to Paris this year & my heart is so happy. Several of these goals need to be met before I step foot on that plane, and, while I won't give away every single one of them, I will say that they all intertwine and the whole point of a blog post today was so reveal the main thing I will be changing (other than my mindset) to make sure I am a BETTER BEKAH in 4 months. 

I am 86ing SCREEN TIME. Lately, I've been fascinated by the amount of things available that can be explored by swiping, streaming and screens. There's so much to learn, so much to see, so many heartwarming stories of people seeing color for the first time & so much to explore.

For 11+ years, I've been able to nanny. Sometimes as my full time job and sometimes to fill in the gaps while working on other projects. It's only been in the past 5 or so that I've seen such a difference in behavior because of screens. 

(Before I get too deep - I'm not bashing or judging or preaching on the dangers of screens. I'm simply sharing my own observations and experiences)  I love my phone & my unlimited plan that includes a subscription to Hulu & I love that we can now stream everything instead of being prone to whatever commercial or update a station sees fit to provide during a block of time. It's cut down on the greed for sure as children aren't seeing the newest toy or thing that they "need" every commercial break. When it comes to kids, my issues aren't so much with TV or movies (I would encourage to always screen before hand to watch the way the characters interact with each other - especially brothers and sisters - because kids will mimic jokes or behaviors they see on screen). What I'm super cautious about is the use of phones or tablets with little ones. There are tons of amazing educational games that have helped children flourish and learn in so many ways & those are awesome. The problem is the instant gratification this teaches. A doctor in one of the studies I read compared the over stimulation and immediate hits of pleasure to the same brain reactions as a cocaine user. This didn't surprise me for a second - because I've seen this in myself. The second I'm bored or avoiding work, what do I do? I grab my phone and open Instagram click on the InstaStory circles - THEY NEVER END - and you can just keep tapping and it moves to the next one. Hit, hit, hit, hit, hit...

In my current part time nanny job, I've watched the baby's personality completely change when screens are removed and all but just a few toys are put out for her to play with. It's insane how quickly she will go from a scattered, upset & urgent child who is flinging toys around to get to the next toy, to a sweet, happy & laughing little angel when I pare down the stimuli. (Also, classical music stations on Amazon Prime Music - no vocals - are a game changer!! Immediately mellow for everyone)

Obviously, I'm not blacking out every single screen in my life. I will be using my computer for website updates and blogging and my phone for every day life & will stream a show or two at night before bed. (I do want to break the habit of watching Friends to go to sleep & setting a TV timer....it's just unhealthy). BUT - I won't be streaming anymore while I sew. I'm setting up an account on Audible.com and will listen to some books and some podcasts here and there. Most of the time, I will just have music going :) I want to allow my creativity and imagination to work at their highest potential and if I'm constantly drugging them with the overstimulation of streaming & my phone, I won't be able to produce the quality and quantity I know I'm capable of. 

You may be thinking that this sounds more like something I'm giving up for Lent and, what in the world does this have to do with all the GOALS talk at the start? So...

The goal is to create another line of bridal separates including pieces I will take with me to Paris and to pick up some old hobbies (and maybe a new one) to perfect before going to Monet's gardens! And to train my body to go to sleep without a stimulation aid.

THREE goals, but ONE very major change I will be implementing to achieve them. 

Change my name or L'Oreal and move me to Paris, because, honey, I'M WORTH IT!

New Things Happening at BekahBea!

...let's start a blog... 

In preparation for some travel blogging I intend to do on my summer trip to France & Italy, I figured it would be wise to get into the habit of writing, posting & sharing my experiences publicly.

I've always been a sucker for the written word and it's the most soothing way I've found to unburden my constantly processing mind. I recently read an article about my personality type and it suggested that many Creative Writers share my rare INFJ qualities - being that we are hyper observant and tend to process situations for hours or days longer than most. This means, however, that my initial reactions to life happenings come across as "jaded" or "detached" when, in reality, I just more time to process and a proper avenue to share my thoughts.  

I'm hoping this becomes that avenue and place where I can share some of my deeper thoughts and show some of my humorous side. I'm pretty funny. Really. 

There are a couple things I wanted to announce in this first blog post.

1. I will no longer be taking fully custom Brides.

As much as I love starting from scratch helping a bride's dreams come to life, I've found some issues in the fully custom approach. Mainly, it's too broad and slightly overwhelming.

My separates will remain available and I will still be taking bridal alterations and customizations.

2.  New pieces coming soon!

The {Smokey} Mountains are Calling

Wanderlust East Coast Road Trip - Days 7ish-9

Boston - Baltimore - Boone

As sad as I was to leave the wonderful city of Boston, it was time to start the long drive back to Atlanta. I grabbed a coffee {a very very large coffee} and jumped back on the road.  I drove all the way back to Baltimore & stayed with the Brose family for one more night.  Sunday morning was Mother's Day and I got to spend a sweet breakfast with Tambry, who is one of the best moms out there, before I headed toward Roanoke, VA.  I took a mid morning stop in Georgetown, right outside of DC, and grabbed a couple cupcakes at Georgetown cupcakes before taking my time and wandering through the Shenandoah Valley.    

I stopped for the night in Roanoke, VA, took a little driving tour of the historic town & grabbed a burger before crashing into the cozy hotel bed.  Since I still had about 2 1/2 hours of a drive left to my final stop, I was up at dawn & so ready for my last day away from home.  Before I knew it, I was at Appalachian State campus housing and meeting my amazing photographer, Kevyn,  for the day.  She had assembled 5 amazingly talented and gorgeous students for our shoot, and when I walked in,  Reilly and Hayley, were busy working on hair and makeup and Kevyn had a lovely breakfast spread with plenty of coffee laid out for us.  

Once everyone was dressed and ready to go, Kevyn took us to one of the most jaw dropping places I've ever been.  Moses Cone Memorial Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway has these stunning views that leave you speechless.  While the rest of us stood on the plantation house porch soaking in the majesty, Kevyn grabbed Riley and got straight to work.  She was the perfect model for the Breezy Boho dress and even added her own daisy chain spin.


Next up, we had the lovely Faith who just embodied classic Southern Elegance!  We kept making "Gone With The Wind" remarks and she breezed down the gravel path daintily dragging her fingers across the white picket fence.  Some girls are just born for a strapless ballgown!


Rachel was up next, and our Queen Susan look-a-like was just the perfect pick for a corset and tutu.  Her steel blue eyes sparkled in the chilly mid morning mountain air and her coy smile shone.  


Kevyn walked us all down the path and around a corner to the most adorable bridge and we even found some cows who were more than happy to photo bomb!  {And yes, those are pants Riley is wearing...we used them under our super light and breezy skirt earlier in the day for a little extra warmth and coverage, but loved the alternative look as well!}

Meeting all these lovely ladies was the perfect way to cap off my Wanderlust tour of the East Coast.  I stretched myself as an artist, explored and gathered as much knowledge as I could & was reminded that sometimes, even the best laid plans are better off just being plans and not the actual path you take.  I spent the remainder of the day and my drive home jamming out to all the cd's in my old school leather bound case from my middle and high school days & taking stock of the past 9 days.  

Now that this trip is 6 months behind me, I'm incredibly grateful that many of these artists, models and friends I met along the way are still in my life and I've gone on to do more projects with a few of them.  That's the beauty of taking yourself out of the equation some times; to open up your ideas of how a dress should be styled and allowing someone else from a different skill set, background, environment or cultural upbringing take charge and dream up their own concept.  When you collaborate with others instead of trying to beat them to all the jobs, there's no stress or competition involved and it becomes a joy to see your new friends succeed.  

I'm back in Atlanta now, and back at the "grind" and loving where life has brought me.  But, tales of this adventure come up weekly and I get so excited to share what I've learned, but more importantly, I love to brag on my new friends and show of their amazing talent to my little world.  They deserve it.  

This year I plan to keep on traveling - perhaps internationally.  Stay tuned.  My friends are talented and love taking pictures of my dresses & I love letting them!!!!  

Whimsical Vintage in the Historic Commons

Wanderlust East Coast Road Trip - Day 7

Boston to Baltimore

Boston.  A city I have always wanted to visit and explore - full of American history, amazing architecture, stories of the colonies and the Revolution.  The morning started early when our photographer, Andrea {and her husband & sweet little son} and our model, Sara {who is also a photographer} and her boyfriend, Tim, arrived at my hotel.  We immediately got Sara into the dress I had made specifically for Boston and she touched up her hair and makeup.  Both my partners for this shoot are Maine based creatives and they were up before dawn to get to Boston at a decent time.  Andrea, who styled all the florals for the day, led the way and we all traveled into the center of Boston and parked at the Commons.  She is well versed in the landscape there and, she herself, got engaged in the Commons a couple years prior.  

I used a taffeta with a decent amount of stretch in it and adapted a pattern from the 40's.  I made this dress completely convertible and can be worn as a midi length dress alone or with one of the two bottom options I brought along for this shoot. Our shoot was May 7th and, surprisingly, we landed right in the middle of a cold snap complete with frost and fog.  {Personally, I think it just added to the dreaminess of the day}

Even though we weren't on a guided tour and really didn't visit the Commons to learn anything, I found myself reading all the plaques and eavesdropping on the tour guides over the bridge and especially by the Swan Boats.  I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is fascinated by history and believes that we should never just move on but truly learn from those who have been before.

Sara was such a trooper with the sleeveless aspect of this dress {photographers sometimes make the very best models!} and we would wrap her in a jacket in between locations.  After we had soaked up the water, bridge and Swan Boats, we headed back to the top of the Commons for some street scenes just off the park while enjoying the flute player and the historically dressed tour guides along the way {I really wanted a snap with Ben Franklin - but couldn't get up the nerve to ask in front of his tour!}

We found some amazing streets right off the park perimeter that mixed the old and new, so we switched out the bottom dress option and got right back to shooting.


We had time for one more outfit update after this and ventured back into the Commons and toward the gazebo {because who doesn't love a good gazebo!}  I have always loved mixing and matching vintage and modern and layering items to create whole new looks, but even more so after my time in Boston with this lovely trio.  I love when old things or forgotten trends resurface and when someone discovers a historic element of fashion and breathes new life into it.  I hope that I can be one of those visionaries who always sees the potential in something, even if it's discarded or dated and refresh for a whole new lifespan.


Welcome to New York

Wanderlust East Coast Road Trip Days 5 & 6

New York City


After my lovely shoot with Emily and Rebekah, I loaded up my car and headed toward my very favorite city in the whole world, NYC.  Because I had a car and all of my dresses with me, I had planned ahead a little and booked a hotel in Jersey City with free parking, a secure lot and easy access to the train into NYC.  My drive was full of lush green scenery, long bridges, lots of Broadway ballads and way too much talking to myself abut upcoming shoots and new dress ideas.  About 20 miles away from my exit, the greenery suddenly dissipated and the entire New York skyline appeared in front of my eyes.  It's a view that never gets old, that excites you to your very core, that makes your heart beat faster and a smile appear even on the gloomiest of days and faces.  I finally exited the Jersey Turnpike {& paid the crazy toll} and pulled into my hotel.  I was immediately overwhelmed with a bad and sketchy feeling and didn't feel the least bit safe - but I was completely exhausted and in dire need of a shower & had booked online and knew that deposit was gone.  I checked in and walked to my room as quickly as possible and then proceeded to lock everything that could be locked and sent my current location and room number to Anna for some extra sanity.  My friend, Meghan lives in Brooklyn and when I reached out, she graciously offered me her couch to crash on the next night.  My exhaustion won and I slept a little, but was packed up and out the first moment I could the next morning.  

I have never thought that I would ever attempt to drive in NYC, but I was desperate and needed to feel safer than I did, so I took several deep breaths and drove through the Holland Tunnel and in the Financial District.  I had never been so grateful to live in Atlanta and deal with traffic daily - because, as it turns out, driving in a big city is pretty much the same anywhere. By the time I got to the tunnel to Brooklyn, my spirit was lifting and anticipation was setting in and when I finally got to Meghan's street, parked my car and covered the dresses in the back seat, that magical New York feeling had taken over all the stress of driving and sketchy hotels.  I locked the car, turned turned "Welcome to New York" on in my ear buds and confidently headed to the train {with a pit stop at Dunkin of course!}.  Before I knew it, I was emerging from the subway stairs and headed toward 5th Avenue and into my happy place - the MET.

Luckily for me, a brand new Fashion meets Technology exhibit had opened two days before my arrival {right after the MET Ball} and I made a beeline towards it.  The dress above was the very first thing you see and I was enthralled.  The exhibit was expertly designed and the music and lighting all combined to make an almost euphoric experience and I walked around taking in and learning new, modern methods for printing on fabric and how they make "pre fab" pieces and lingering as long as I could at the rows and rows of famous vintage pieces in all their glory.  I don't think it's possible, but one of my life goals is to see every single exhibit/item at the MET and this time through I walked through at least 5 wings - keeping my ear buds in and people watching/listening to my Introvert's heart delight.  

I found the Starbucks Siren and my Knight in Shining Armour - FINALLY! But, begrudgingly, as my phone battery began to die, I had to leave my beloved museum and head to a Starbucks for a wall plug, free wifi and coffee - but not before I stopped by the hot dog truck outside the MET.  I know, I know....gross...but awesome!

After my phone was charged and my brain reawakened with coffee, I walked the gorgeous streets of NYC to meet Meghan at Serendipity III and have dinner and the world famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.  We took the train back to her place in Brooklyn and walked up all the narrow stairs to her place.  I slept so much better that night.


Day 6 -  New York to Boston

We woke up to a crazy downpour of rain the next morning, so I had to run to my car, which was 3 blocks away, and throw everything in before heading even further North.  Brooklyn morning rush is really no fun, but nothing could really damper my spirits after the MET and Serendipity III.  I slowly made my way through Queens and Yonkers and then toward Connecticut and Boston.  The rain eventually let up and I thoroughly enjoyed the early Spring drive through New England.  I made it to Boston in the early afternoon and took my time circling the city before I landed at my hotel just slightly north of the city.  Because of the mad dash to my car earlier that morning, I had to completely reorganize my car and unpack my luggage to dry some things out - so I took advantage of the warm breeze and free evening to do just that.  

Stay tuned....Boston and Boone still to come...

A Colonial Pass Through & Artsy Baltimore

Wanderlust East Coast Road Trip Day 3

Virginia Beach - Colonial Williamsburg - DC - Baltimore

Day 3 had a couple different starts.  We had planned on meeting up with our photographer friend Nicole again for a sunrise shoot on the Atlantic, so, with alarms set, we crashed into our beds.  A few very short hours later, we {sort of} awakened and checked in on our model - who was a no show.  Since the sun was almost up anyway, we staggered outside to the second story walk way of the hotel and watched the sun "rise" - turns out you can't actually see the sun rise when it's completely clouded over from the storm the night before!  We took the opportunity to get some more sleep and it was marvelous!

A couple hours later, with more sleep under our belts and coffee in hand, we started researching our road trip options for the day. Being private and home schooled, we just HAD to swing through Colonial Williamsburg.

It was Anna's first time to visit and I hadn't been since I was 12, so we thoroughly enjoyed strolling down the street.  We pulled in right as a little rain was falling and ended up being the only ones there for a couple hours!  {It's always fun to see a place as adult and realize how much your perspective changes as you learn and grow.}  I remember the town being so much bigger and overwhelming, but the historic street is actually just a single mile.  We ducked into the little store and grabbed Ginger Beers, tried on 3 corner hats, met some of the cast members & found some ginger cookies {and chocolate cupcakes...see below} the size of our faces!

Our end destination for the night was Baltimore, Maryland to stay with the some amazing family friends for the night, so we left our Colonial stroll and headed toward the city!  We may have gotten stuck in a crazy rainstorm and had to drive at 30 mph, but Anna kept me relaxed and laughing {& sometimes singing} and we made it to the Brose's in one piece!


Let me tell ya a little about the Brose Family.  They have three sons {Andrew, Aaron & Austin} and they grew up just around the corner from us. My brother Adam and Andrew were in the same class all the way back to first grade.  We home schooled with them for a while and when I was just starting High School, their whole family moved to Rwanda, Africa for a long term mission.  Our family actually went and visited them and took them on safari when they had been living over there about 18 months.  Needless to say, we go way back!  Tambry {"Mombry"} and Dan had a fabulous home made meal ready for us and greeted us with a cheese platter and large glasses of wine!  Andrew & his wife Rachel were in Africa at the time, but Austin lives in Baltimore and joined us for dinner, as well as another family friend and her husband.  Aaron and his wife Christina live in the townhome next door and were able to come over after dinner to catch up.  It was such a good night of conversation, food, drinks and laughter and we went to bed very happy and very full.

Baltimore, Maryland - Day 4

Sadly - I'm serious when I say this was the saddest part of my whole excursion - Anna had to leave at 6am and catch a plane back to Atlanta.  I enjoyed another amazing meal with the Brose's and then headed out to meet up with a dear friend {and former student} and photographer for our city shoot.  Emily and I have known each other since 2003 when I was her counselor at a summer dance camp in Jackson, MS.  She is a a professional ballerina in Baltimore now and teacher and it was so fun to catch up with her and see her city through her eyes.  Her friend, Rebekah, joined us with her camera and a vision.  We grabbed some looks from my car and headed to a museum bathroom to get changed!  We found this little spot on the same block and, even though it was freezing, were able to pull off this breezy look!



After facing the wind with that stoic posing, we bundled Emily up and walked down the streets looking for backdrops.  These doors made us so excited!



We had another outfit I made especially for Emily and her pointe shoes, so we jumped into her car and drove a couple neighborhoods over to the next location.  Thankfully {okay maybe strategically...} we found a coffee shop to use for our outfit change & warmed up with some amazing local coffee and treats.  With renewed energy and warmth and a new outfit, we walked around until we found the perfect graffiti alley ways.



Sunset on the Rocks

Wanderlust East Coast Road Trip - Day 2

Virginia Beach, Virginia

{lovingly referred to as "VA-Beach"}

Since Day 1 had gone so well for us, we woke up at our home stay excited to see what Day 2 had in store.  We had 375 miles to tackle before our sunset scheduled shoot, so, we took a lunch break in Holly Springs, NC.  A sweet friend, whom I hadn't seen in about 7 years, invited us to her home for a healthy lunch and to meet her adorable family.  Her girls, Lily and Evie, were great hosts and were amazing little conversationalists, and baby Gabe was just the rolyest polyest ball of sunshine.  We left refreshed and revived and had the beach in mind.  

We pulled into our hotel on Virginia Beach just a few minutes before our photographer, Nicole, and lovely model, Kim, arrived and we went directly to the room to get ready.  Kim arrived with hair and makeup already complete, compliments of Markia,  and a bouquet and wonderfully whimsical flower crown, provided by The Happy Hour Hostess.  During the last little part of our drive to Virginia Beach, my road trip buddy, Anna, worked her magic and did her makeup & hair as I drove over bridges and under crazy long and dark tunnels. 

Nicole and I had talked for a couple weeks before we met up and had a thought that a touch of a color would be a fun addition to our traditional skirt.  We chose a lavender accent and I was even able to make another dress that complimented it.  We dressed Kim in the bridal gown and Anna in the Maid of Honor gown and headed down to the jetty.  {I always forget you have to relearn to walk every time you step foot in sand again - but that ocean air works it's magic with a single inhale!}  

I love to start every photo shoot with a chat and relay to all involved the story we have created and want to see captured on film.  As I was sewing these gowns, I kept thinking how sweet it would be for a bride and her best friend, {who has just finished standing by her on her wedding day as her Maid of Honor,} to steal away during the reception while dancing and frivolity continued inside and take one last walk together.  Nicole did a wonderful job capturing these images and, even just a few shots in, it was like Anna and Kim had been BFF's for years.

We went a little daring with Kim's dress.  She is wearing a multi layer circle netted skirt with a double layer of lavender tulle tucked under the top layer of netting and a sheer. long sleeved bodysuit with strategically placed lace with no corset or lining underneath.  She was so confident and wore it so well.  Once we got the skirt on her, it was pretty hard to make her stop swishing back and forth and twirling - but isn't that the sign of a good skirt!

I mean aren't these BFF's you'd like to know? The fierceness is ridiculous!

Here are some examples of the twirls.

We got a little carried away viewing the shots we had just gotten when we heard a squeal from Kim.  She had gotten a little too twirly and ended up on her bum...thank goodness for a BFF!

{Note to self: Never take your eyes off a twirling bride!} She recovered quickly and, after we all laughed harder than we probably should have, we shot until the sun went down and forced us to stop. 

{iPhone pic of the gang!}

{iPhone pic of the gang!}

Anna and I had a great time working with Nicole and Kim and, just like every stop on this Wanderlust tour, we were able to walk down the main street, grab some dinner to go and get to our room just moments before the heavens opened up and the rains fell. I've always been a fan of clouds - they make some amazing backdrops.  Hoping to head back to VA Beach very soon!


Front Porch Southern Elegance

One of the best parts of living and working in the South is the ever changing weather patterns and the sweeping and sometimes sudden "tropical storm" antics.  The dark and ominous rain clouds can put a rush of adrenaline into a photo shoot that has been planned and organized for weeks, but that stormy back drop can also be incredibly magical. 

I recently returned from a 2,200 mile road trip from Atlanta, GA to Boston, MA and back over the course of 8 days.  Earlier this year, I was invited to join an online Facebook group whose goal and purpose is to link together creatives in the wedding industry and create a place where Community trumps Competition.  The Rising Tide Society has been an amazing, safe place to turn to for encouragement, helpful critiques and the occasional venting outlet for all of us entrepreneurs.  It was in the online group that I was able to meet a whole slough of photographers who supported my ideas and career and wanted to collaborate our skills and talents.  We were able to work out a whole road trip where I could meet up with several of these photographers and work on some beautiful collaborations on their home bases!    

My first stop was York, SC where I met up with Amy Kolodziej of Sunshower Photography.  She had our model, Cici, ready to go with flawless hair and makeup. My travel companion, Anna, and I grabbed a few pieces out of the traveling wardrobe and dressed Cici in our first look. With a constant and watchful eye on the storm clouds zeroing in, we ran out to Amy's luscious back yard and, with the sounds of a stream gurgling in the distance, we took our first few shots.

Our first look for Cici consisted of a spun gold fitted corset worn under a sheer long sleeved bodysuit with strategically placed lace details.  Her skirt is double layered chiffon in a gathered A line style and was extra flowy in the pre storm breeze.  We felt a couple drops start to fall and quickly relocated to the front porch to wait and regroup.  While we were there, we took advantage of the angles and created these gorgeous magazine cover quality looks.

It was right about this time that the heavens really opened up and the rain really started coming down, so we ducked inside and changed into our second look.  We removed the the sheer bodysuit and changed out the skirt for a multi layered circle netted skirt to create a whole new look.   

{Who doesn't love a good twirl?}  We had such a great time meeting Amy and Cici and made some amazing photos together.  Eternally grateful for RTS and their amazing ability to connect creatives with similar heartbeats.