New Things Happening at BekahBea!

...let's start a blog... 

In preparation for some travel blogging I intend to do on my summer trip to France & Italy, I figured it would be wise to get into the habit of writing, posting & sharing my experiences publicly.

I've always been a sucker for the written word and it's the most soothing way I've found to unburden my constantly processing mind. I recently read an article about my personality type and it suggested that many Creative Writers share my rare INFJ qualities - being that we are hyper observant and tend to process situations for hours or days longer than most. This means, however, that my initial reactions to life happenings come across as "jaded" or "detached" when, in reality, I just more time to process and a proper avenue to share my thoughts.  

I'm hoping this becomes that avenue and place where I can share some of my deeper thoughts and show some of my humorous side. I'm pretty funny. Really. 

There are a couple things I wanted to announce in this first blog post.

1. I will no longer be taking fully custom Brides.

As much as I love starting from scratch helping a bride's dreams come to life, I've found some issues in the fully custom approach. Mainly, it's too broad and slightly overwhelming.

My separates will remain available and I will still be taking bridal alterations and customizations.

2.  New pieces coming soon!