Whimsical Vintage in the Historic Commons

Wanderlust East Coast Road Trip - Day 7

Boston to Baltimore

Boston.  A city I have always wanted to visit and explore - full of American history, amazing architecture, stories of the colonies and the Revolution.  The morning started early when our photographer, Andrea {and her husband & sweet little son} and our model, Sara {who is also a photographer} and her boyfriend, Tim, arrived at my hotel.  We immediately got Sara into the dress I had made specifically for Boston and she touched up her hair and makeup.  Both my partners for this shoot are Maine based creatives and they were up before dawn to get to Boston at a decent time.  Andrea, who styled all the florals for the day, led the way and we all traveled into the center of Boston and parked at the Commons.  She is well versed in the landscape there and, she herself, got engaged in the Commons a couple years prior.  

I used a taffeta with a decent amount of stretch in it and adapted a pattern from the 40's.  I made this dress completely convertible and can be worn as a midi length dress alone or with one of the two bottom options I brought along for this shoot. Our shoot was May 7th and, surprisingly, we landed right in the middle of a cold snap complete with frost and fog.  {Personally, I think it just added to the dreaminess of the day}

Even though we weren't on a guided tour and really didn't visit the Commons to learn anything, I found myself reading all the plaques and eavesdropping on the tour guides over the bridge and especially by the Swan Boats.  I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is fascinated by history and believes that we should never just move on but truly learn from those who have been before.

Sara was such a trooper with the sleeveless aspect of this dress {photographers sometimes make the very best models!} and we would wrap her in a jacket in between locations.  After we had soaked up the water, bridge and Swan Boats, we headed back to the top of the Commons for some street scenes just off the park while enjoying the flute player and the historically dressed tour guides along the way {I really wanted a snap with Ben Franklin - but couldn't get up the nerve to ask in front of his tour!}

We found some amazing streets right off the park perimeter that mixed the old and new, so we switched out the bottom dress option and got right back to shooting.


We had time for one more outfit update after this and ventured back into the Commons and toward the gazebo {because who doesn't love a good gazebo!}  I have always loved mixing and matching vintage and modern and layering items to create whole new looks, but even more so after my time in Boston with this lovely trio.  I love when old things or forgotten trends resurface and when someone discovers a historic element of fashion and breathes new life into it.  I hope that I can be one of those visionaries who always sees the potential in something, even if it's discarded or dated and refresh for a whole new lifespan.