Welcome to New York

Wanderlust East Coast Road Trip Days 5 & 6

New York City


After my lovely shoot with Emily and Rebekah, I loaded up my car and headed toward my very favorite city in the whole world, NYC.  Because I had a car and all of my dresses with me, I had planned ahead a little and booked a hotel in Jersey City with free parking, a secure lot and easy access to the train into NYC.  My drive was full of lush green scenery, long bridges, lots of Broadway ballads and way too much talking to myself abut upcoming shoots and new dress ideas.  About 20 miles away from my exit, the greenery suddenly dissipated and the entire New York skyline appeared in front of my eyes.  It's a view that never gets old, that excites you to your very core, that makes your heart beat faster and a smile appear even on the gloomiest of days and faces.  I finally exited the Jersey Turnpike {& paid the crazy toll} and pulled into my hotel.  I was immediately overwhelmed with a bad and sketchy feeling and didn't feel the least bit safe - but I was completely exhausted and in dire need of a shower & had booked online and knew that deposit was gone.  I checked in and walked to my room as quickly as possible and then proceeded to lock everything that could be locked and sent my current location and room number to Anna for some extra sanity.  My friend, Meghan lives in Brooklyn and when I reached out, she graciously offered me her couch to crash on the next night.  My exhaustion won and I slept a little, but was packed up and out the first moment I could the next morning.  

I have never thought that I would ever attempt to drive in NYC, but I was desperate and needed to feel safer than I did, so I took several deep breaths and drove through the Holland Tunnel and in the Financial District.  I had never been so grateful to live in Atlanta and deal with traffic daily - because, as it turns out, driving in a big city is pretty much the same anywhere. By the time I got to the tunnel to Brooklyn, my spirit was lifting and anticipation was setting in and when I finally got to Meghan's street, parked my car and covered the dresses in the back seat, that magical New York feeling had taken over all the stress of driving and sketchy hotels.  I locked the car, turned turned "Welcome to New York" on in my ear buds and confidently headed to the train {with a pit stop at Dunkin of course!}.  Before I knew it, I was emerging from the subway stairs and headed toward 5th Avenue and into my happy place - the MET.

Luckily for me, a brand new Fashion meets Technology exhibit had opened two days before my arrival {right after the MET Ball} and I made a beeline towards it.  The dress above was the very first thing you see and I was enthralled.  The exhibit was expertly designed and the music and lighting all combined to make an almost euphoric experience and I walked around taking in and learning new, modern methods for printing on fabric and how they make "pre fab" pieces and lingering as long as I could at the rows and rows of famous vintage pieces in all their glory.  I don't think it's possible, but one of my life goals is to see every single exhibit/item at the MET and this time through I walked through at least 5 wings - keeping my ear buds in and people watching/listening to my Introvert's heart delight.  

I found the Starbucks Siren and my Knight in Shining Armour - FINALLY! But, begrudgingly, as my phone battery began to die, I had to leave my beloved museum and head to a Starbucks for a wall plug, free wifi and coffee - but not before I stopped by the hot dog truck outside the MET.  I know, I know....gross...but awesome!

After my phone was charged and my brain reawakened with coffee, I walked the gorgeous streets of NYC to meet Meghan at Serendipity III and have dinner and the world famous Frozen Hot Chocolate.  We took the train back to her place in Brooklyn and walked up all the narrow stairs to her place.  I slept so much better that night.


Day 6 -  New York to Boston

We woke up to a crazy downpour of rain the next morning, so I had to run to my car, which was 3 blocks away, and throw everything in before heading even further North.  Brooklyn morning rush is really no fun, but nothing could really damper my spirits after the MET and Serendipity III.  I slowly made my way through Queens and Yonkers and then toward Connecticut and Boston.  The rain eventually let up and I thoroughly enjoyed the early Spring drive through New England.  I made it to Boston in the early afternoon and took my time circling the city before I landed at my hotel just slightly north of the city.  Because of the mad dash to my car earlier that morning, I had to completely reorganize my car and unpack my luggage to dry some things out - so I took advantage of the warm breeze and free evening to do just that.  

Stay tuned....Boston and Boone still to come...